NTFS drive wont mount - "unknown filesystem"?

Patton Echols p.echols at comcast.net
Sat Jan 23 05:40:43 UTC 2010

On 01/22/2010 02:11 PM, David McNally wrote:
> Hmm... looks like he's still being a dick. Maybe I should write
> something again telling him to apologise for that.
>> Sorry about being a dick earlier.
> Amazing! He knew exactly what I was going to do before I did it! Is he
> from the future, or is he just logical?
> I just can't help but appreciate the irony of writing nasty comments
> and then apologising for writing them in the same email.
Give the guy a break, he actually is trying to help and offered to go 
look in stead of sending OP to lmgtfy.com

If you had read the thread, you would know that he was apolgizing for 
the prior post.  And you made your point and at this point he may not be 
the only one being the dick.

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