Switching a friend to Ubuntu

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 18:07:49 UTC 2010

> Sometimes, I simply restart the PC if the system behaves like a
> uncontrolled horse. (Control-Alt-Del, alt-r).

If you start a new thread and define "uncontrolled horse", I will try
to help with that. Be sure to CC me in the thread, so I don't miss it.

> Via some "backport", I upgraded in December KDE to some version with
> several bug fixes. Ever since that measure, working with Kubuntu 9.10
> has become much more stable and predictable.

KDE SC 4.4. It is great!

> In case the horse becomes really uncontrollably crazy,  I  put the
> terminal in root mode, command 'mc', midnight commander, in order to
> rename .kde into '.kde.old' and to quickly get out and restart the PC.
> In such a way, I force the system to create a new .kde desktop and
> panel, which functions properly again. If such an operation succeeds,
> you can put again your terminal in root, switch to midnight commander,
> in order to delete 'kde.old'.

You don't need root mode nor mc. Just type this:

$ mv .kde .kde.old

Note that deleting your ~/.kde/ directory will delete data such as
Kmail emails, your addressbook, and your calendar.

Dotan Cohen


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