Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at
Mon Jan 18 19:43:11 UTC 2010

Ian Coetzee wrote:
>     Did anyone get this to work satisfactorily?  I didn't. See my reply to
>     Ray Levanthal dated
>     01/15/2010 03:29 PM
>     on this thread.  I still need the debugging help that Ray mentioned.
>     Any suggestions appreciated.
> Hi Leonard
>   just something else to test
> if you go to where you created hello.txt and create another file
> test.php and in it you place the folowing
> "<?php phpinfo(); ?>"
> save and close.
> now point your browser to http://localhost/test.php and see what happens.
Your suggestion didn't work at first but did prompt me to find a 
solution.  I have 2 Karmic partitions installed and everything worked on 
one but not the other.  My posts have been directed to get the one not 
working to work. Well, it finally dawned on me to check what was 
installed with phpsysinfo and apache2 and their depends which is tedious 
to check. Eventually with much aptitude searching I discovered that 
thttpd was installed on non-working but not on the working one.  So, I 
purged it and logged out which didn't help but a reboot fixed everything 
for me.  Not exactly sure why one had thttpd and not the other.  Think 
it may have occurred due to one of the error
messages or checking the alternate depends on apache2 or phpsysinfo.
Aptitude should have called attention to the issue but didn't; no
conflicts mentioned in aptitude show apache2.  Thanks to all who 
contributed and prodded me on to a solution.  Maybe this will help 
another who is apache and server illiterat.

lenc5570 at

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