My xxxx.png screenshot readable by Windows?

Emil Payne EHSPayne at
Fri Jan 15 13:47:07 UTC 2010

HermanAA wrote:
> Screenshot-5.png
> I sent a screenshot (above) as an email attachment to a Windows user.
>  (a lady, novice Windows-user)
> She told me she could not see (open) it.
>  (is it true that Windows does not recognize the .png extension?)
> She uses an old Windows version. XP or WIN98 I guess.
> What I tell her?
> My OS is 8.10 Ubuntu
> details:
> Image Type: png (The PNG image format)
> Width: 1280 pixels
> Height: 1024 pixels
> Can I convert .png to a more common format maybe?
>  (I cannot easily redo the screenshot)
> Herman in .ph

MicroSoft should be able to read .pngs. You can open the file in The 
Gimp and then choose SAVE AS and enter another extension such as .jpg. 
It may ask a couple of questions.  Don't worry about them.  Just give 
any answer you want to then it will convert and save.  Then close The 
Gimp and find the new.jpg file and look at it and then send it to your 


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