Beginner Q1: Linux incapable of handling FDD?

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Thu Jan 14 16:15:01 UTC 2010

welcome and have patience.

I don't run the Japanese version although I have Japanese enabled in my 
American version, I am not sure how much difference there is in the base.

I do use floppys and have had no trouble with Ubuntu or SUSE 10.0 using 
them. (I am running Ubuntu 9.04)

maybe trying the older 9.04 version should work, but this should not have 
had any effect on the SUSE 10.0 which I used with floppies also.

has the BIOS in your computer been  set to recognize FDD, this could be a 
problem if not turned on.  this is not a linux issue though but a basic 
input/output setup variable, do the floppies work in windows or MSDOS or 
any other OS???

hope this can be some help


On Fri, 15 Jan 2010, Thomas Blasejewicz wrote:

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> Subject: Beginner Q1: Linux incapable of handling FDD?
> Ladies and Gentlemen
> You may safely call me a complete beginner (totally ignorant).
> Actually, I am trying to get "linux going" for over 2 years now and am
> not getting anywhere. This probably proves that I must be extraordinary
> stupid.
> So, please bear with me, when I sometimes sound frustrated.
> Question 1: for confirmation.
> Recently I have (tried to) used OpenSUSE (10.3 / 11.1 / 11.2) for a
> while and am now trying to use Ubuntu (9.10)
> The computer I use exclusively for experimenting with Linux does has a
> functional FDD. I tried to use it under OpenSUSE, asked the relevant
> question on a SUSE mailing list, then tried to use it under Ubuntu
> (Japanese version).
> Apparently Linux CANNOT handle floppys and someone pointed out, that
> this is a "bug":
> == Regression details ==
> Discovered in version: Karmic Koala 9.10
> Last known good version: Jaunty Jackalope 9.04
> So, just to confirm: is it really so, that Linux is incapable of
> handling a FDD???
> Since this is a task every computer on the planet could do that over the
> last three decades, I do have difficulties believing that this can be so
> incredibly complex. Even though floppys may be considered by some people
> to be "behind our time".
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