Beginner Q1: Linux incapable of handling FDD?

Thomas Blasejewicz thomas at
Thu Jan 14 15:59:40 UTC 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen
You may safely call me a complete beginner (totally ignorant).
Actually, I am trying to get "linux going" for over 2 years now and am
not getting anywhere. This probably proves that I must be extraordinary
So, please bear with me, when I sometimes sound frustrated.

Question 1: for confirmation.
Recently I have (tried to) used OpenSUSE (10.3 / 11.1 / 11.2) for a
while and am now trying to use Ubuntu (9.10)
The computer I use exclusively for experimenting with Linux does has a
functional FDD. I tried to use it under OpenSUSE, asked the relevant
question on a SUSE mailing list, then tried to use it under Ubuntu
(Japanese version).
Apparently Linux CANNOT handle floppys and someone pointed out, that
this is a "bug":

== Regression details ==
Discovered in version: Karmic Koala 9.10
Last known good version: Jaunty Jackalope 9.04

So, just to confirm: is it really so, that Linux is incapable of
handling a FDD???
Since this is a task every computer on the planet could do that over the
last three decades, I do have difficulties believing that this can be so
incredibly complex. Even though floppys may be considered by some people
to be "behind our time".

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