Best 3d graphics card?

chris chevhq at
Wed Jan 13 05:57:24 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2010-01-12 at 19:43 -0500, Rashkae wrote:
> Koppe wrote:
> > What is the "best" (preferably personal experience)
> > accelerated 3d graphics card to use under Linux...
> > one that has good drivers available (community or
> > from the manufacturer) that actually make the card
> > work (almost) fully under Linux, but still isn't a slouch
> > under Windows either?
> > 
> Get lots of debate either way, but only 2 choices are ATI or Nvidia..
> personally, I think Nvidia currently best matches what you ask for,
> though I myself plan on buying ATI going forward thanks to company
> supported and ongoing development of open source drivers.

Currently the Nvidia drivers seem to work very well under linux, not so
the ATI drivers
cheers the kiwi

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