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Please note that SVN is using a central repository. This means that if several users are working on the same project you need a server (some computer that contain the repository & runs the svn demon)
GIT is a distributed source control system, so no need for central server & repository. Every user has it's own repository and you chose with whom to synchronize.
Someone mentioned CVS. CVS has several problems: check-in is not an atomic action so if you check-in several files you may end up (in case of an error) in repository that contain only part of the files you checked-in, also if you rename a directory you loose it's history

If you plane to put quota restriction on the repository it will probably be a group quota per project. You will have to put your repository on a seperate file system then the users home directory to avoid conflict between user's personal quota & project quota.

At the past I used CVS, but now I am using SVN. It is running on a RedHat Linux with Apache. Using apache allow accessing the repository via http (or https as you chose)

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  A bit OT, but I'm looking into various source control for software and documents related to a software development project. I've searched a bit and found that svn, git, and bazaar all run on Ubuntu. I was wondering if there is a consensus on one of these (or another) from the members that incorporates best practices in SCM. Thanks, as always, for the input.




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