software configuration management

Brian McKee brian.mckee at
Sun Jan 10 19:20:53 UTC 2010

2010/1/9 Verde Denim <tdldev at>:
> A bit OT, but I'm looking into various source control for software and documents related to a software development project. I've searched a bit and found that svn, git, and bazaar all run on Ubuntu. I was wondering if there is a consensus on one of these (or another) from the members that incorporates best practices in SCM. Thanks, as always, for the input.

There are many more you could have found, like Mercurial or cvs too.

I'm only an occasional user, but I found bazaar fairly easy to use,
and very well documented.
Start with the bazaar website and see if you don't agree.

Since versioning software is really written for programmers by
programmers it can be pretty complex and jargony - (e.g. git)   There
is no 'best' in this space, just the best one for you.


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