intel 64bit?

Dedhi Sujatmiko sujatmiko.dedhi at
Sun Jan 10 11:29:40 UTC 2010

Gilles Gravier wrote:
> LX50 and V20/V40 are x86 machines
> Ultra 5 workstations are, well, UltraSPARC machines
> Those are 2 different things.

I am aware of the fact, thank you, especially after spent long years 
supporting them :)
The issue I want to raise is actually on the "console redirection" 
capability. All the Sun's own server, whether it is SPARC or x86, is 
having the serial console, whether you get Forth OBP, Service Processor, 
So on the x86 line, user will not get the usual BIOS screen ala Phoenix 
and Awards. Thus no video capability is needed. However, the LX50 and 
V20z/V40z are not Sun's own design, they are just OEM. Forgot about the 
LX50 but it is Tyan motherboard, and V20z/40z are from Newisys. Thus 
they are using more traditional PC style console, with VGA controller 
embedded on the motherboard like normal PC.

> On the LX50 and V20/V40, you should use the standard Ubuntu for PC
> distros (32 or 64 bit versions). These machines are servers... have no
> graphics hardware.
They have, on board. With Dsub15 pin connector on the back.

You can always go to the Sun System Handbook to verify that. Check the 
"Rear" image.
IIRC, the V20z/V40z was using the Trident 3D chipset, thus VESA friendly.
The LX50 IIRC, the Intel GMA, but not really sure, too long to remember.

> So you can directly install the server editions of
> Ubuntu.
> The Ultra 5 workstation might or might not work with Ubuntu for SPARC.
> It's an old hardware, and Ubuntu for SPARC was built for the latest
> UltraSPARC T1 and T2 processors (8 cores, 64 threads per CPU total -

I am afraid it is the other way around. The Linux for SPARC on the 
Debian distro is actually compiled for the UltraSparc II/III/IV(+), the 
sun4u family machine.
Whether it is working for the CMT processor (UltraSparc T1/T2(+) or 
sun4v machine possibly a show of backward compatibility of the CPU. 
However, disclaimer, I never tried the Ubuntu on sun4v machine. My 
pocket money can only buy me from eBay the Ultra 1/2 and Ultra 60/80.

> graphics drivers. It's a "server" edition only. So your Ultra 5
> workstation may or may not work... but if it does, you won't get
> graphics. You should, indeed, use the serial console.
Just ensure that there is no keyboard connected to push the console to 
the serial port A.

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