intel 64bit?

Dedhi Sujatmiko sujatmiko.dedhi at
Sun Jan 10 00:47:49 UTC 2010

Amedee Van Gasse wrote:
> That being said, I have a Sun UltraSparc 5 somewhere, and I'm curious if 
> I can get it to work. If only I had a Sun keyboard&mouse somewhere...

Most of the Unix workstation or servers are serial console friendly, 
including all of Sun. There is none of Sun product which was delivered 
with non-headless capability (except the OEM form other vendor like the 
LX50 or Newysis V20z-V40z).
Thus you do not need any KVM to ron the UltraSparc 5, just connect it's 
ttya output to your laptop/desktop serial port (or USB to serial port) 
using Xon/Xoff at 9600 baud 8-n-1.

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