intel 64bit?

Odd iodine at
Sat Jan 9 20:49:56 UTC 2010

Amedee Van Gasse wrote:
> On 09-01-10 17:46, Odd wrote:
>> Dedhi Sujatmiko wrote:
>>> Odd wrote:
>>>> Ubuntu doesn't exist for Itanium. And it's highly unlikely that
>>>> anyone using a Itanium based machine woul be confused
>>>> about these things. You're only adding to the confusion.
>> Interesting. Didn't know that. Seems there is a newer version here:
>> Thanks for making me aware.
>>> Ah, I just quoting this :
> <quote>
> Other Architectures
> Ubuntu doesn't currently support any other architectures. This doesn't 
> mean that Ubuntu won't run - in fact it is entirely possible that it 
> *will* install without a problem. After all, Ubuntu is based on the 
> Debian distribution, which has support for eight additional architectures.
> However, if you run into problems, the Ubuntu people may or may not be 
> helpful in getting you going - no promises here.
> </quote>
> In other words: if the architecture is supported by Debian, you can (in 
> theory) run Ubuntu on it. Ubuntu gives official support for just 3 of 
> the 8 Debian architectures. For the other 5, you're on your own in case 
> something nasty happens.
> That being said, I have a Sun UltraSparc 5 somewhere, and I'm curious if 
> I can get it to work. If only I had a Sun keyboard&mouse somewhere...

Ebay ! :)


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