Would like help setting up ndiswrapper with Atheros AR5B91 (identified as "AR928X")

Marcus Wanner marcusw at cox.net
Sun Jan 10 00:17:44 UTC 2010

	I have a moderate amount of experience with Linux (about 1-2 years, 
mostly Ubuntu and Gentoo), but would like help with this because I don't want 
to break my Ubuntu install, which seems to be more fragile and sensitive to 
technical changes than other systems (at least as far as I can tell). Anyway, 
to get to the point:
	I recently acquired a Gateway NV5211u laptop and immediately installed 
Kubuntu on it. I had no problems at all until a few days ago when I got a 
wireless router (late adopter of technology :D). It can connect fine, but I 
seem to be experiencing the same problem which, when using Windows with this 
model, manifests itself in a frozen system and a black screen [1]. Thankfully, 
on Linux, the only problem is that the wireless ceases to function and I am 
asked for the network password every 30 seconds. A reboot is needed to fix this 
each time it breaks.
	On Windows, this problem is solved by downloading and installing the latest 
device drivers (as most windows problems are). Unfortunately, fixed drivers are 
only available for windows. What I'm trying to do here is install/configure 
ndiswrapper to use the latest driver, which is available on the gateway 
website in a .7z file. It contains both 32 and 64 bit versions of the driver 
for windows vista (a .sys, .cab, and ,inf file for each, along with a common 
setup.exe + other installation junk).
	I am running 64-bit (K)ubuntu, and have not changed anything yet. I thought 
I should ask before messing with anything, since this card is technically 
supported by the ath9k kernel driver, and there will most likely be conflicts 
if I just go ahead and proceed as if it wasn't even recognized.

Thanks for any help!


[1] http://support.gateway.com/s/notebook/2009/gateway/nv/nv52/NV52faq7.shtml

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