Looking for lessons learned - linksys Router

user1 bqz69 at telia.com
Sat Jan 9 11:59:57 UTC 2010

Pointers appreciated.

I am using various versions of ubuntu.

I have a 4 port d-link di-524 router.

I just connected it to my adsl modem with a straigh enternet (blue) cable.

Then I connect to any of the 4 other slots with a cross over ethernet 
cable (grey or red cable), I have tried up to 4 computers at the same 

I also sometimes switch between cable and wireless connection, but I 
prefer cables, as I find it faster and more reliable, and think they are 
more difficult for strangers to thief listen to.

I never did any setup on the router, it just works out of the box for me.

On earlier versions of ubuntu I sometimes had problems with the network 
connection, but then I installed wicd and it always fixed my problem.

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