Looking for lessons learned - linksys Router

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Sat Jan 9 07:39:33 UTC 2010

Mark C. Miller wrote:
> I'm expanding my home set-up and needed to go to an 8-port router.  I 
> purchased a Linksys BEFSR81 router with 8-port switch.  It comes with the 
> requisite Windows disk and warnings to run the disk before installation.  
> I figure I'll hook everything up then use the web interface to make any 
> adjustments.  One of the ports will be my wireless router. Five ports 
> will be for computers.  Haven't thought through much more of the 
> installation than that.
>(in various stages of upgrades -- 
> everything from 8.04 to 9.10).
> First time I've done something of this magnitude; looking for any lessons 
> learned, suggestions, time savers, etc that will reduce the cries for 
> help when I get around to doing the actual installation.
> FYI, I'm pairing the router (or is it a switch -- can't keep those two 
> straight) with a new Trendnet 8-port KVM box.
> Knowledge level is just above clueless.  Pointers appreciated.
> mcm

Sounds like you have two so called 'routers,' which poses special
challenges.  What you probably wanted was just a simple Hub/Switch to
expand the ports of your existing router.  But if you want to keep
existing hardware, you must need do the following.

Decide which of the two "Routers" will be connected directly to the
Internet.  connect to that router and find out what it's Ip address is
and what the DHCP range is (usually something like and DHCP
range of 100 to 150).

Now connect a computer to the secondary router and open it's interface.

Change the IP address of that router so that it is something within in
the same subnet (first 3 dotted numbers) of the primary router, but is
also *not* part of the DHCP range.  *Disable* the DHCP server of the
device!  In my above example, I would use IP address  and no
DHCP.  Do not use the WAN/Internet port of this second router.

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