Audio Input setup? (How to?)

Fred Roller froller at
Fri Jan 8 13:47:36 UTC 2010

Faizan Kazi wrote:
> How do I configure my external mic for my laptop?
> I'm using Ubuntu 9.10 currently and whether I use Pidgin, aMSN or 
> Epiphany I dont see any easy way of setting up my external mic before 
> an audio call....
> using windows and live messenger its really easy, just tools >> Audio 
> and Video setup. there is a dropdown list to select your device and 
> there is a slider to adjust mic volume. its SO easy!
> why do we not have this in Ubuntu? :(
> ~Faizan
System -> Preferences -> Sound

Choose the input tab.  See if this is what you are looking for in your 
setup.  If not let us know.


"Life is like linux, simple.  If you are fighting it you are doing something wrong."

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