Is there any clear manual for domain network between linux and windows (not a workgroup) ?

Tom H tomh0665 at
Fri Jan 8 02:55:47 UTC 2010

>> For example, (As I understand the issue) there will need to be some
>> server that acts as a domain controller. Is that a windows server, or a
>> linux server.

>  Linux server .

>> What is your network infrastructure like?  (Two computers
>> or two hundred?)

>>  What is it that you are trying to accomplish?

> 4 Computer should be connected to server with domain on samba .
> A LAN like star .
> A user on windows Xp should be able to connect to server and also be able to
> login ftp server with the same username .

If your users are always going to sit at the same "terminals" you
might not need a domain, just nix/samba accounts on your server as
well as some samba shares and an ftp setup for your XP user.

If your users are going to sit at random desks and you need network
logins or if you absolutely want to have a domain, you should  refer
to's documentation and possibly read a relatively long
exchange that I had with another ubu-usr member in November/December
about his Samba domain setup.

I will search for the thread later and post it.

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