Evolution calendars do not print with Karmic

Robert Hodgins ehodgins at telusplanet.net
Thu Jan 7 05:24:47 UTC 2010

Sorry for taking so long to reply.

> 1. In evolution; File|Backup Settings & let it write
> 'evolution-backup.tar.gz' to a file/folder other than
> /home/<username>/.evolution - perhaps /home/<username/Public. Exit
> evolution.

I did this.

> 2. Next backup /home/<username>/.evolution to the same location. After
> you've backed up /home/<username>/.evolution to an alternate location
> delete the .evolution folder.

I did this.

> 3. Restart evolution (you'll need to go through the basic email setup
> again, but in this case you can set up a dummy email if you wish.

I did this, but I did not need to go through the email setup. (More on
this below.)

> 4. Try printing the calendar and see if you get the same results. If all
> works, then the issue is most likely in your
> /home/<username>/.evolution/calendar files. If it still craps on you,
> then you might want to consider reinstalling evolution:
> $ sudo apt-get install --reinstall evolution evolution-data-server
> and test 4 again. If it works this time, then you can most likely move
> the old /home/<username>/.evolution back, and or use the
> 'evolution-backup.tar.gz' to restore evolution.

No success. The program still crashed/exited as it did before.

> The above tries to eliminate the user profile vs the actual evolution
> program. If instead you'd like to troubleshoot with details traces etc.,
> let me know and I'll point you to the references on how to do that.

More on step 3. I deleted the .evolution folder and restarted evolution. The .evolution folder (and subfolders) reappeared in the home directory.
I did this a couple of times and the folder reappeared each time.
Shouldn't there be some sort of wizard guiding me through the email

I tried removing evolution via aptitude (and also synaptic) and
reinstalling it via aptitude (and also synaptic). After each removal, I
deleted the .evolution folder. And after each installation
the .evolution folders were back in the home directory. And starting up
evolution did not require setting up the email.
And attempts to print were met with the program crashing/exiting.

I don't know if this will be of use or not, but when I first had the
problem with evolution in wubi, I had also been playing with karmic in
virtualbox (version 3.1.2). Evolution in that installation had the same
printing problem.

Thanks again for all your help NoOp. I think I'll let this problem rest.

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