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Thu Jan 7 01:40:32 UTC 2010

                         A blurb Goodbye

         I have been corrected by others since I was 5 years 
old and became aware of it. Many times over the past 10 years 
others have called me a Troll and my messages a blurb. I was 
impressed and tried to do better. I did then and still now 
help people with problems I knew about or had myself. I get 
Thank You notes and it was fun!

         Now we seem to have lost the friendly help and gained 
a number of people, many not in the USA who want to "clean up" 
the Ubuntu list. They want to get permission to throw people 
off the list. This can be done IF the owner of Ubuntu agrees 
with group. Not if he/she does not.

         If you recall what it takes to join this group it is 
simple. You need to have something to display a web page. And 
then look at the join web page and you can use a made-up name 
to join. So you do so and the messages come like 60 a night in 
the old days.

         This ability to remove people from the list is what 
is new. The people doing this don't seem to even have a guess 
at how much trouble they are making for themselves, and the 
owner of Ubuntu. As they proceed they will find more and more 
people to remove.

         Since this is new and far from complete I can't say 
much about how it effects me. For sure it does based on past 
experience. I do make errors and it is just a human problem. I 
am now 75 years old and it seems I am loosing my old 
excellence. The mind is not as clear as it was when I was 38 
years old. This maybe a problem, but in the old days it was 
normal to make an error. Today your called all manor of bad 
names and even if you own up to the error the new people will 
use it against you.

         So this may be my last blurb on this list but it does 
need saying. The new people who are pushing the new order are 
not old people. They are new and they see something they think 
they can fix. Alas, the fix will be expensive than the 
problem. Look at the year old Obama Democrat government. They 
are all saying due to Republican problems they need to raise 
taxes on you and me. The Democrats are the most tax raising 
party in our country. They believe it is good to tax the rich 
to feed the poor. But who employed the poor? The rich used to.

73 Karl


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