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Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Wed Jan 6 14:38:03 UTC 2010

Res wrote:
> On Tue, 5 Jan 2010, Steve Lamb wrote:
>>    Please tell me where the CoC condones cussing, childish attitudes, posting
> Thats not what is under discussion, my issue I take exception to is the 
> biased selectvitiy in which rules are applied.
>> private messages to the public form and otherwise gives you free reign to do
> I dont care if you take exception to that, I dont take private email to 
> this account from list traffic, unless I know the person.
>> as you please.  Generally speaking, in polite society, one doesn't throw a
>> tempter tantrum and when others point out how boorish they are acting try to
>> revert to the "I'm rubber, you're glue" defense.
> There is no temper tantrum from me, unless you consider it wrong for me to 
> bully the bullies, call for that the rules application are evenly applied 
> without bias, but by your avoiding that side of it, i have my answer on 
> what you think and it doesnt surprise me.
> Still waiting for this community council to accept my offer, I wonder 
> why in almost 48 hours they have not, is it because thet have no 
> intentions of being unbias and applying the rules to everyone, but only a 
> select few, makes you think, and I will keep to my word so long as they do 
> and apply it evenly.
> I will push this to the end because I hate power tripping bias net cop 
> favouritism, you apply all rules to everyone or you have no right to apply 
> any at all, THAT is my issue.
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> Res
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        Please, read the heading on this list. It says exactly:
  Ubuntu-users technical support, not for general discussions.

         This is a general discussion so it should not be 
allowed on this list!

73 Karl


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