Luca luca at wir-neubauers.de
Mon Jan 4 19:12:27 UTC 2010

Dir Sir and Madam, 

I have download your Ubuntu from your Homepage, and install it.
I have an WLAN with a WPA2-Key with 63 letters like all WPA2-Keys, but
when I trail to make a WLAN-Relation, and I give in my WLAN-Key, I can't
klick "Use". But when I zap one letter I can klick "Use". That must be
an ERROR, because in "Windows XP SP3" will be the WLAN-Key recognized
and appropriated.
Nominal that "Windows is better then Ubuntu"
When the ERROR be not goes away, I will need Windows for ever!!!

Lots of Regards
Luca Neubauer

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