Huawei EC1260 Modem on ubuntu 9.10

Patton Echols p.echols at
Tue Jan 5 09:12:28 UTC 2010

On 01/04/2010 03:22 AM, Yagnesh Desai wrote:
> Friends;
> I have installed ubuntu 9.10 but after installing it I found out
> that Huawei EC1260 Modem is working with 9.04
> but it is not working with 9.10.
> Its a usb modem and is detected when hot plug under 9.04
> but not in 9.10. Can anyone tell how an hardware which
> is supported out of box in older release and not supported
> in newer release.
> Some of the links which I found
> After updating my kernel I find error with "HAL" I needed to revert to
> older
> kernel.
I don't use a dial up service or this modem, so if someone gives more 
knowledgeable suggestions please follow them!  Here is what I would do:

Question #1 is the modem detected by the os?  Try plugging and running 
dmesg.  If you can run 9.04 from a live CD, then do this:

in a terminal

Note the last line of the output, then plug in the modem confirm that it 
is working, then run dmesg again.  The last several lines will be the 
messages that are generated when the working modem is plugged.

Repeat on your 9.10 install.  If the outputs are different, then you may 
see hints as to the problem.  If the outputs are essentially the same, 
then you need to look elsewhere.

I found a thread here:
That discusses problems with the version of Network Manager in 9.10.  
Could this be a solution?

Another thread suggested that you need to be sure that udev-extras are 

Here is the google search i used:

If none of the links there work, you might try another post that tells 
what works and what does not and what you have tried.

Good luck

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