[Solved] Clonezilla is a distribution

clintin at linuxmail.org clintin at linuxmail.org
Tue Jan 5 01:05:06 UTC 2010

> I was uncomfortable calling it a distribution; pseudo-distribution 
> be more accurate since, AFAIK (never used it),  it is basically sed 
as a
> live cd, like parted magic, knoppix, sysrescuecd, etc.

I attended a conference earlier this year where a presenter used
sysrescuecd to do all kinds of amazing things.  His presumption was 
everyone knew every command he did, and he breezed through all the 
for recovering files, using gparted, etc with lightening speed with the
promise of a follow-up email with all the commands.  The email never
materialized.  I'm left to my own devices.  I'm especially interested 
resizing partitions, recovering lost files, re-setting passwords.  You
mention knoppix; do you have any recommendations as to it vs
systemresuecd?  I saw a Knoppix for dummies book at barnes and noble 
weekend, but held off buying it.  Your response to the "clonzilla" 
reminded me to ask.

PartedMagic has pretty much replaced Knoppix for the purposes you 
mention here.
PartedMagic is a liveCD Desktop which includes GParted (GUI) resizing 
partitions as well
as creating and formating partitions.  On its long tool list you will 
find tools for partition
table recovery (excellent, saved me at least once) and re-setting 
passwords. 4.8 was just
released and I am just taking it for a test drive now.

SystemrescueCD is very good and comprehensive but you do have to know 


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