wireless on aspire 3630

Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 4 16:02:19 UTC 2010

Norman Silverstone wrote:
> I have installed Ubuntu 9.10 for a friend on his Acer aspire 3630 and,
> with the exception of the wireless connection, all appears to be OK.
> There is no icon for wireless monitor on the top panel nor is the icon
> in the 'add to panel' list. I have not been able to find anything I can
> follow on Google so would someone please be kind enough to advise me on
> how to get the wireless to work.
> Norman
Many people have had good luck with wicd ipo network-manager-gnome to 
resolve wireless issues. NMG does seem to work properly on wired systems
but not always with wireless.  Just install wick, which will remove NM, 
and give it a shot.  If it doesn't help you can always reinstall NM.

lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net

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