Community Council, please take action!

Amedee Van Gasse (ub) amedee-ubuntu at
Mon Jan 4 14:55:12 UTC 2010

On Mon, January 4, 2010 11:22, Colin Law wrote:
> 2010/1/3 Amedee Van Gasse <amedee-ubuntu at>:
>> ...
>> I think it is finally time that the Community Council, or whoever is in
>> charge, actually takes charge and issues a strong warning to these two
>> individuals. If they don't comply, a suspension should be the next step.
>> Temporary or permanent, that's something I leave at to the discretion of
>> the Community Council.
> Surely it is pointless trying to eject someone from the list, will
> he/she not just take out a google mail address (or similar) and
> re-join under an alias?

I have confidence in the Community Council. Once it is decided to take
action against an individual, I'm sure it will be against the person, no
matter what email address or other evasive actions (s)he uses.
If (s)he posts from a different address but with the same disruptive
style, then it is easy to adapt any filters. And if (s)he changes to a
more moderate style, then the measures will have been successful.

If I can make a suggestion: I wouldn't actually evict someone, just put
them under moderation so that no mail from them reaches the list unless it
is approved by the Community Council. I know that this places a lot of
work load on the CC but I don't know of any other method that is fair to
the user in question should he decide to change his/her ways.
Oh, and I *really* don't want to be the person that polices the users. I
am not qualified.


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