Screensaver when closing laptop-display?

Andrew Farris flyindragon1 at
Mon Jan 4 10:21:36 UTC 2010

On Mon, 2010-01-04 at 05:32 +0100, Josef Wolf wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 03, 2010 at 02:25:13PM +0100, Josef Wolf wrote:
> > With 9.10, I had to disable suspend-to-ram/HD on my acer travelmate 8371,
> > since it fails to resume. But now, when I close the display, the display is
> > shut off, but the screensaver is not activated. So when the display is
> > opened again, the desktop is accessible without entering a password.

I believe, to achieve the behavior you're desiring, do the following:
     1. Under "System > Preferences > Power Management | When lid is
        closed" use the 'blank screen' option (if not already set)
     2. Hit alt+F2, type "gconf-editor" <return>, then navigate to "/ >
        apps > gnome-power-manager > lock > blank_screen" and check that
        box. that will lock the screen when it is blanked.
I couldn't figure out how to enable this through the power-manager GUI,
or the 'Screensaver' GUI, though I believe that some combination of
those checkboxes will trigger a similar effect.

> Ugh, I can't even find how to manually lock the screen in 9.10. In previous
> releases, there used to appear lots of options when the "power" button in
> the upper right corner was clicked. Along with them was the option to switch
> user and to lock the screen. Now only "logout", "susupend", "restart" and
> "swithc off" are available.
> What happened?

To manually lock the screen, I believe you press ctrl+alt+L (this works
on my desktop and laptop, but I don't remember if I manually set this up
or not). If it must be set manually, you can do so by going to "System >
Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts | Desktop section" and search for 'Lock
Screen. Another, more convenient combination, can also be used if you so

As for the 'indicator' user switcher in the corner of the screen... I
have no idea what has happened with it. I have never found this user
switcher to be of any use to me, and is always removed from my panels as
soon as I can. Once this is done, then the 'Lock Screen' option appears
under 'System.' However, upon adding the applet back to my panel, I see
the following options in it's flyout menu:
        <My username>
        Set Status   >
        Lock Screen
        Guest Session
        Switch User...
        Log Out...
        Shut Down...

As a point of interest, I see 2 applets in the 'Add to Panel' dialog
that fit the 'user switcher' description. There are:
        'User Switcher' -- which is the 'original 
        'Indicator Applet Session' -- which is the newer one, and the
        default thing on the panel
The above menu was taken from the latter applet. the former applet has
only options to change users, edit user info, and edit system

If your applet doesn't give you the same menu, it may be worth the
effort to try reinstalling it via synaptic (indicator-session, and
indicator-applet-session packages) or by the command line via the
following (note: should be all on 1 line):
        sudo apt-get install --reinstall indicator-session
Looking in synaptic it doesn't appear that this applet has any
'recommended' or 'suggested' packages that go with it, so the
possibility that an add-on got accidentally removed isn't likely.

lastly, as a test, you could always make another fresh user account and
see if the option appears in that menu for you.

Hope that helps!

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