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Mon Jan 4 07:39:56 UTC 2010

On Mon, 4 Jan 2010, Richard JOHNSON wrote:

> How about etiquette, know anything about that by chance? If you didn't
> agree to the Code of Conduct, I am sure you understand mailing list
> etiquette. Seeing as "Ubuntu Users" is for technical support, I would
> expect to see support messages, and not off-topic messages. Wouldn't you
> agree?

I have no problem with rules being enforced, so long as they are enforced 
uniformly and without bias,  Ubuntu have failed in both counts, most of my 
attacks have been towards the so called bullies and list-nazis who go 
anyone who doesn't type the way they want them to, also as you likely may
have noted, other messages also showing concern about the berating 
of top posters etc by the self appointed net cops have been voiced by 
others, but yet those same self appointed net-cops  break the same
rules you are trying to selectively enforce upon only two people, by not 
trimming their posts, and, all of _their_ OT posts, these include your 
friend and mine "Amedee" amongst others, is it that they feel these things 
are selectively to be enforced like you?

its a case as "do as I want you to do, but I'll still post the way I 
want" for them, completely hypocritical.

So, do I expect to now see Ubuntu enforcing all of these rules against 
everyone, top posters, and the non post trimmers and the net-cops and
all OT posters including the in-crowds? I bet it doesn't happen, and we 
BOTH know why.

I would prefer not to have to remind the list bullies they have no right 
to dictate to others, someone in this or another thread called me a bully, 
well, if I'm guilty of bullying the bullies, then yes I plead guilty 
and do not apologise for it, but had Ubuntu not failed in its 
administration of this list and nipped this crud in the bud years ago, I 
likely would not be so outspoken towards the "village idiots" in defence 
of the newbies who likely don't know any better, which is why many of the 
people on the list despise me, I guess they hate looking in the mirror.
The rantings with Karl would be a rare deviation from my defending the 
newbie, perhaps it was overkill, however at least people will see all the 
information and can make their own minds up when accepting bad advice and 
silly statements.

> By the way, I took this off of the Ubuntu Users list, seeing as this sort
> of conversation doesn't belong on there since it isn't support related.

Why? The nature of this involves the entire Ubuntu community. I would 
prefer this be kept on-list as this does NOT just concern myself 
and Karl, it concerns everyone, they have the choice to ignore us if
they want, the so called  "official reprimand" was made publicly, so 
please do not try hide here, things have been open and transparent 
till now, so lets keep it that way, it is only fair people get to see 
whats going to happen regarding their list. If I am to be removed from the 
list, you have my assurance I will not re-sub under one of the myriad of 
domains or netblocks I have access to, I will leave peacefully providing I 
have assurances that all rules will be enforced all of the time and to 
everyone, I've never played favourites and I don't believe Ubuntu should 
either, if my outbursts finally get a change to this list to reign in all 
bullies then I will leave knowing I made a change for the better.


"What does Windows have that Linux doesn't?" - One hell of a lot of bugs!

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