Two disruptive users on ubuntu-users

CLIFFORD ILKAY clifford_ilkay at
Mon Jan 4 02:44:26 UTC 2010

On 01/03/2010 08:04 PM, Res wrote:
> grow up child, I have rarely posted recently, but by teh hand of god, if
> you want me to spend time here, reminding newbies that self appointed net
> cop dictator loosers like yourself also should not be tolerated, then
> I will gladly allocate an hour or so a day.
> oh yeah where this "a lot of people are complaining?" theres you, who have
> always had it in for me becuse I pulled you up on your net-cop attitude,
> wheres the others...

You shouldn't assume that just because there are only a few vocal 
critics, that the silent majority sanctions what you do. You seem to 
think hiding behind a pseudonym "Res" (or is it "Noel"?), or at least 
not clearly identifying yourself, and the fact that this is an 
unmoderated list gives you the license to act as you please, which is to 
say, like a total boor. The latest example of your unacceptable 
behaviour is forwarding what was clearly a private communication from 
KFL to you to a public mailing list. Aside from the fact that this is a 
pretty despicably low thing to do, it has nothing to do with the 
explicitly-stated purpose of this list. No doubt, KFL is a crackpot. At 
least he's often a well-meaning crackpot. You're worse. You're a toxic 
individual who is the antithesis of the spirit and meaning of the word 

I was fortunate to learn at a relatively young age that bullies like you 
are also big cowards and that all one has to do is stand up to them to 
get them to stop bullying. There was a big bully from my middle school 
who had to come to school for weeks with a splint on his broken nose and 
a nice pair of black eyes after one of my more memorable applications of 
that lesson. If you're the same malevolent bastard off-line as you are 
on-line, some day, you'll say the wrong thing to the wrong person and 
you'll get a well-deserved beating. Hopefully, it won't cost you your 
life so that you'll learn from the experience.

Having said all that, I am adamantly opposed to kicking you or anyone 
else off the list. You have the right, but not a license, to be 
offensive but I reserve the right to tell you, as I'm doing now, to shut 
up and sit down if I think you're being offensive.

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