Two disruptive users on ubuntu-users

Res res at
Mon Jan 4 01:04:03 UTC 2010

grow up child, I have rarely posted recently, but by teh hand of god, if 
you want me to spend time here, reminding newbies that self appointed net 
cop dictator loosers like yourself also should not be tolerated, then 
I will gladly allocate an hour or so a day.

oh yeah where this "a lot of people are complaining?" theres you, who have 
always had it in for me becuse I pulled you up on your net-cop attitude, 
wheres the others...

On Mon, 4 Jan 2010, Amedee Van Gasse sooked:

> Dear Community Council,
> I would like to report two users on the ubuntu-users mailing list, that
> many people find particularly disruptive:
> * Res (res at
> * Karl F. Larsen (klarsen1 at
> I report this because a lot of people are complaining, but so far no
> actions have been taken to prevent useless flame wars.


"What does Windows have that Linux doesn't?" - One hell of a lot of bugs!

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