Gnome users who have tried KDE: convince me!

nepal nepal.roade at
Fri Jan 1 16:44:23 UTC 2010

On Thursday 31 Dec 2009 20:31:09 Steve wrote:
> >> I guess I'm waiting for something as a real alternative to linux
> >> itself, something that is free and developed by people who love
> >> doing that kind of thing, not BSD, not m$, and not in
> >> competition with m$, who completely ignore what m$ does. I guess
> >> it would be a more artistic approach, "here is my creation, if
> >> you like it, you are welcome."
> >
> > Hurd?
> -- 
> Steve

Thanks for both suggestions (yours too Dotan). I had a look at both, I 
had forgotten about the Hurd, but it is not what I was thinking of, . 
But Haiku looks very interesting and I love the idea of the db type 
file system and the general functioning appears to be what I at least 
would tend to expect from a true OO based OS. I shall have to get it 
set up in a VM and have a proper look. Thanks


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