Non Ubuntu question

Grizzly Real_Grizz_Adams at
Sun Feb 28 20:30:26 UTC 2010

On 28 February 2010 at 11:59, Karl F. Larsen 

>Jeff be careful or the Linux group will strike you dead. My wife only runs Windows, and
>I spend a lot of time fixing here computer. I did load Ubuntu 9.04 but she can't use

Not to metion that some Hardware is just Sooooo hard to get working under *nix 
at least for a poor Windoz user who has been away form *nix too long but IS 
TRYING to come home

Wine has answered my main software prob, getting my fav E-Mail client (Pegasus 
user  since David started it way backwhen) working

But I still need to have a foot in the Windoz camp till I can get my "Nova-T  
PCI" card working (TecnoTrend/Hupague DVB-TV) Ive tried the VLC route but to be 
honest I cant even get THAT to fly under Windoz

AS much as I hate all things M$ (I can live with the basic Office stuff pre 
2007) when it comes to drivers it is simple for a new user to get stuff 
working, until  *nix can say that (and meanit) many will HAVE to stay with 

I tried to move over soem time back (PenDrive Linux / ManDiva 8.01) but then my 
Wacom tablet (and my only mouse) would only let my move around the center part 
of screen so it was close to useless to me, I did manage to find my wayout via 

So I went in search of a driver for it first Wacom didn't have one (then, not 
looked since) but there was one from a nice *nix bod "if I could rebuild  my 
Kernal, and compile the new driver, then install" now is that going to attract 
anyone ?

Lets hope the DVB-TV driver is not that hard PLEASE


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