How Do You Perform Disk Clean Up and Defragment

Amedee Van Gasse amedee-ubuntu at
Sun Feb 28 14:12:01 UTC 2010

On 28-02-10 14:59, Steve wrote:

>> Yes, we have no bananas but what the heck is that thing that happens
>> every 30 reboots? What is it doing? What is it called. I guess it is
>> some sort of make sure the file system is intact thingy but really
>> from a users perspective it is not much different that defragging that
>> you are all putting down so much and takes almost as long as it used
>> to on my XP machine (granted I had a HD that was much much smaller
>> back then). Still, even though what it is doing is not the same the
>> end result is. It wastes my time when I really just want to boot up
>> and use the computer. I trust the devs that it is needed but it is
>> still just like defragging from a time standpoint.

It's not a defrag, it's a filesystem check. It happens automatically on 
every 30th reboot when you are not working on battery. It happens also 
when the filesystem is marked as "unclean", for example after a forced 

If it bothers you, read this:

"AutoFsck is a script which automates periodic disk checking in such a 
way that it no longer bothers the user at boot every 30-ish times, and 
is streamlined in a friendly graphical user interface.

AutoFsck ensures that the automatic disk check will no longer 
inconvenience you by making your boot times very long."

If that wasn't helpful, I don't know what else is.

> Just press Escape it will halt and wait for next time.
>> PS don't give newbies such a hard time. Ubuntu is supposed to be nice
>> and this list is part of that. Being mean will just make people wish
>> they were back on MS.
> +1

Only if people are nice too.
People who are not nice have no business on this mailing list.

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