keyboard shortcut to the application menu

Thomas Blasejewicz thomas at
Sun Feb 28 10:11:43 UTC 2010

Using Ubuntu 9.04
Recently I found out how to create my personal menu under "applications".
I put there those items I (will) use most frequently.

Now I would like to create a keyboard shortcut that opens that menu -
preferrably with a single keystroke.

I found:
System -> Setting -> Keyboard shortcuts -> "original / user specific"
(not sure how this is called in English)
When I click on "add", I am asked for a name -> that part I can still
But in the next line I am asked for a command. -> I have absolutely no
idea what I am supposed to enter here.

I would be grateful, if someone could help me out here.
Somehow I believe, it IS possible to set such a shortcut ...

Thank you.

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