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Tom H tomh0665 at
Fri Feb 26 11:00:54 UTC 2010

>>> It's a blooming ubuntu thing!

It's a Linux thing. It exists in the fedora repositories too.

>> I installed on Lucid and it blocked my internet access completely. :)

> hey, that is just the kind of tool that is needed for Windows. The
> global spam problem will probably be solved within months!

Maybe I was supposed to allow Firefox, aptitude, ssh, dig, ...
specific access but there was no such warning... Anyway, I will not
re-install it to find out.

>> Hopefully for the devs, they will fix this before Lucid's release.

> please do not mind me if I do not hold my breath with you.

It is not clear whether it is still maintained! The last entry in the
changelog is 17 April 2009 for Jaunty. And I have found a bug report
for "no access."

>> But the bogon list was correct unlike on whatever version of Ubuntu
>> Ray is running.

> Hardy. What is the point of a LTS release again?

Until I found the link that I posted earlier, I had no idea that the
bogon list was meant to be updated regularly. Maybe the firestarter
devs don't know it either, although I find that doubtful. They must
have just forgotten to distribute updates of
/etc/firestarter/non-routable (not sure of the exact name of the

>> Uninstalling firestarter is not necessarily the only route to take. If
>> Ray wants to have a basic rule set, he can change firestarter's
>> settings to "permissive" so it does not use the bogon list.

> * shrugs *

Well. It is easier to use than finding iptables rules on the net and
setting them up to load at boot.

Ubuntu's ufw has a graphical front-end which might be a better
alternative though.

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