home files on desktop

Wybo Dekker wybo at servalys.nl
Wed Feb 24 10:18:25 UTC 2010

I wrote:
 > One of my users managed to display all her $HOME files and dirs on her
 > desktop, although ~/Desktop is empty. How can this happen?

Emil Payne wrote:

> Found it. It's an option in Ubuntu-Tweak.

what is Ubuntu-Tweak??
When looking for it in Synaptic, I found ltsp-manager, which crashes:

/usr/bin/ltsp-manager:12: DeprecationWarning: The popen2 module is deprecated. 
Use the subprocess module.
   from popen2 import Popen3
/usr/bin/ltsp-manager:21: GtkWarning: GtkSpinButton: setting an adjustment with 
non-zero page size is deprecated
   self.wTree=gtk.glade.XML ("/usr/share/ltsp-manager/ltsp-manager.glade")
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/usr/bin/ltsp-manager", line 254, in <module>
     base = LTSPManager()
   File "/usr/bin/ltsp-manager", line 33, in __init__
   File "/usr/bin/ltsp-manager", line 56, in fulfill_prereq
     pathlist = self.get_root_path()
   File "/usr/bin/ltsp-manager", line 102, in get_root_path
     pathlist = os.listdir('/opt/ltsp/')
OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/opt/ltsp/'


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