Supported ESATA cards

Brian McKee brian.mckee at
Tue Feb 23 20:30:01 UTC 2010

On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 2:53 PM, Michael Satterwhite
<michael at> wrote:
> I need to add an external drive to my system and need an ESATA card that will
> work under Ubuntu Linux. At this point, I'm not looking for a RAID controller
> - merely one that I know will work. RAID may come later.

Recently went thru this - the thing to check is the chipset on board,
not the brand name
(lots of companies sell the same chipset under diff names)

!!!AVOID the Via VT6421A series!!!

I'm using an Sil3112A Silicon Image card under Jaunty - (Vantec
UGT-ST200)  and it's working well.
The only oddity is the external sata port isn't eSATA, it's just a
regular SATA port that's open out the back.
So I had to buy a cable with one eSATA end and one internal end.  That
cable wasn't hard to find, so it must
be a fairly common thing.

Hey, it's your computer.... isn't it?

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