Getting a handle on Nautilus

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sat Feb 20 19:36:04 UTC 2010

On 20 February 2010 06:41, James Michael Fultz <croooow at> wrote:
> * Dotan Cohen <dotancohen at> [2010-02-19 17:53 +0200]:
>> How does one open the collapsed directories in List View? I would have
>> expected Right/Left arrow, but this does not work.
> '+' expands the highlighted entry, and '-' collapses.

It only seems to work on the numpad, not on the keyboard top row. Can
you confirm this, I'll file a bug.

>> > Create Folder:  Shift-Ctrl-N
>> Are these combinations not configurable? I cannot perform triple
>> buckies due to disability.
> I recalled GTK+ menu entry shortcut keys to be editable could not
> remember how it was to be done.  This is what I've since found:
> <>
> "Go to System/Preferences/Menus & Toolbars and enable 'Editable menu
> accelerators'"
> I'm using Karmic Koala, and this seems to be
> System > Preferences > Appearance, then Interface tab from the
> Appearance Preferences dialog.  The checkbox for Editable menu shortcut
> keys appears there.

Thanks. What is the name of the exectuable, that I might be able to
use it in my KDE environment (I don't have gnome installed).

> "... open any menu from the menu bar, move the cursor above the relevant
> menu option and press the shortcut you want to assign. This shortcut
> should appear right next to the menu option label."

Dotan Cohen

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