Getting a handle on Nautilus

James Michael Fultz croooow at
Sat Feb 20 04:41:39 UTC 2010

* Dotan Cohen <dotancohen at> [2010-02-19 17:53 +0200]:
> How does one open the collapsed directories in List View? I would have
> expected Right/Left arrow, but this does not work.

'+' expands the highlighted entry, and '-' collapses.

> > Create Folder:  Shift-Ctrl-N
> Are these combinations not configurable? I cannot perform triple
> buckies due to disability.

I recalled GTK+ menu entry shortcut keys to be editable could not
remember how it was to be done.  This is what I've since found:


"Go to System/Preferences/Menus & Toolbars and enable 'Editable menu

I'm using Karmic Koala, and this seems to be
System > Preferences > Appearance, then Interface tab from the
Appearance Preferences dialog.  The checkbox for Editable menu shortcut
keys appears there.

"... open any menu from the menu bar, move the cursor above the relevant
menu option and press the shortcut you want to assign. This shortcut
should appear right next to the menu option label."

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