Converting a friend to Ubuntu - Continued

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> 2010/2/18 David Robert Lewis (ethnopunk) <ethnopunk at>:
>> Tab Gilbert wrote:
>>> ? ? At startup he falls back to a root shell and his 2 ext4 disks (root
>>> ? ? had errors, home was OK) had to be fsck before a new reboot (and he
>>> ? ? wasn't yet at his 31st boot).
>>> This is a little to technical for me but I know the recent Vista
>>> security updates conks out grub. ?I posted the question on here a few
>>> weeks ago but never got a response. ?The solution I googled up was a
>>> little to much for me so I had to reinstall Ubuntu. ?I did not know
>>> that Vista took three reboots to do the complete update so I got to
>>> reinstall Ubuntu three times. ?I know this is not addressing your
>>> question but there is something funky about the Vista security update
>>> on a dual boot system. ?The problem might be the creation of Vista.
>>> tab
>> It's one of the reasons I don't enjoy duel boot systems and never
>> recommend them. Windows always figures out some way to write all over
>> grub. A clean single installation is always better.
>     That's why I never put grub on the MBR of a dual boot system (and
>  I don't understand why some distributions nearly compel you to put it
>  there).
>      Lo?c

Hi All,

There is no problem with grub and probably it is not windows fault
since the second time it happened Windows hasn't run for a week. The
linux ext4 partitions, certainly root by I also fsck home, have


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