Converting a friend to Ubuntu - Continued

Tab Gilbert tabbox at
Thu Feb 18 20:29:01 UTC 2010

> At startup he falls back to a root shell and his 2 ext4 disks (root
> had errors, home was OK) had to be fsck before a new reboot (and he
> wasn't yet at his 31st boot).
>  <>
This is a little to technical for me but I know the recent Vista security
updates conks out grub.  I posted the question on here a few weeks ago but
never got a response.  The solution I googled up was a little to much for me
so I had to reinstall Ubuntu.  I did not know that Vista took three reboots
to do the complete update so I got to reinstall Ubuntu three times.  I know
this is not addressing your question but there is something funky about the
Vista security update on a dual boot system.  The problem might be the
creation of Vista.

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