Nautilus/Compiz - no longer launches File Manager, Recycle Bin, Desktop file icons

ANDY sirald66 at
Sat Feb 13 07:30:38 UTC 2010

When I try to launch the File Manager or my Recycle Bin - the kern.log,
syslog, and messages log update with these lines:

Feb 13 00:24:53 TOBY kernel: [10417.224943] nautilus[8957]: segfault at
b6e47fdc ip 06bf5760 sp b6e47fe0 error 6 in[6bd9000+24000]
Feb 13 00:25:27 TOBY kernel: [10451.208646] nautilus[8963]: segfault at
b6ed5fdc ip 00748760 sp b6ed5fe0 error 6 in[72c000+24000]
Feb 13 00:25:46 TOBY kernel: [10469.660972] nautilus[8970]: segfault at
b6ddcfdc ip 00ccf760 sp b6ddcfe0 error 6 in[cb3000+24000]
Feb 13 00:25:59 TOBY kernel: [10482.795663] nautilus[8978]: segfault at
b6ef6fdc ip 00f16760 sp b6ef6fe0 error 6 in[efa000+24000]

I am assuming one suggestion may be to reinstall and anything
that says Nautilus.  That sounds rather core and dangerous.

ANDY - Salt Lake, UT US
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