Lucid not stable before end of april

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Thu Feb 11 19:32:19 UTC 2010

Knapp wrote:
>> With the privilege of using early versions comes the responsibility to
>> report any problems. In a constructive way.
> I am not sure I would call it a privilege. It is more like a
> responsibility. We might claim to have free software but really a lot
> of people put a LOT of work into it. As good users that want to
> support and further the world of Open Source we have a responsibility
> to not be leaches but to help. We can do that by being testers, devs,
> or if you don't have those types of skills you can help people here or
> translate or write documentation or even do the art work or sound
> design that every good gui program needs. Together we build a better
> world free of the faults that come from proprietary software. (Can I
> become a high priest yet? Please?!) :-)
	Many people call Linux and Ubuntu free software and then 
mistrust it for that reason. The big BIG error in this is the 
fact that while we can download it at no real cost to 
ourselves, there is a lot of cost that went into that software 
we download!

	We can get free from this I think if we refer to Ubuntu as 
free to me.

73 Karl


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