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Joep L. Blom jlblom at
Fri Feb 12 22:33:52 UTC 2010

marc wrote:
> Joep L. Blom wrote:
>> I can tell a lot about the erratic course steered by Borland and the 
>> cogs effectively thrown by certain other companies (not only MS) but I 
>> think that is too much OT. Maybe worth a new thread to inform youngsters 
>> about the interesting history of program development?
> I have many a Borland tale too. Great guys. Where are they now?
> I once turned up for an interview that was, in reality, done and dusted,
> only to be told that the CEO had put in place an employment freeze the
> day before. I'd flown across the globe.
> I later did a keynote speech at one of their confs while at Sun. I was
> a Java dude by then.
> Delphi was the nuts back then, imo. Pascal or not, it beat the crap out
> of the c++ nonsense.
I think we could reminisce a lot about that time but I think we do 
better to at least open a new thread for it as it has very little to do 
with the current subject or even the goal of this mailing list, but is 
is always very interesting to collect the experiences of people all over 
the world in the development of software in the last, say, 30 years.

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