Slow upstart boot in 9.10

Rashkae ubuntu at
Thu Feb 11 21:14:38 UTC 2010

Bill Moseley wrote:

> Here's the one I just ran.

wow, that bootchart makes the problem pretty clear.  The ureadahead 
process is what gummed up the boot process for over 20 additional 
seconds on that second chart.

I did some preliminary googling on ureadahead problems.... I don't know 
if this has anything to do with your particular setup, but one common 
source of grief is filesystems in the /etc/fstab that can not be 
mounted.  (the example I saw here was a windows filesytem that was 
hibernated or otherwise not cleanly shut down.)

It might also be a good idea to check the SMART data of your hard drive 
for any errors, (use the Disk Utility in Ubuntu Desktop) and maybe to 
run sudo badblocks -v /dev/sda to be sure some of your problems aren't 
caused by an ailing hard drive.

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