Slow upstart boot in 9.10

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Thu Feb 11 20:43:53 UTC 2010

On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 7:10 AM, Steve Flynn <anothermindbomb at>wrote:

>  > Hum, well I'll need time to look at this, but the odd thing is once I
> > installed the bootchart and rebooted the pause seemed to be gone!
> Result! :)

Funny, at work been having a nasty problem and when we turned on extra
debugging it went away.  Figures!

Actually, I just rebooted again and noticed the delay in console output
again.  I can here the disk being very busy so it's not like it's not doing

Here's the one I just ran.<>

> Could you try turning off auto-login please and reboot - I'd like to
> see the bootchart from that too... it'll be in the same place,
> suffixes id -1, -2, -3, -4 etc one per boot that date.

I don't have auto-login enabled.  I always log in at the gdm prompt.

> You fire up modem_manager and wpa-supplicant. Are these required for you?
> PostGres is in there too, along with Mediatomb... were you aware?

I don't need the modem_manager.   I assume I need wpa-supplicant for my
wireless WPA security.  Yes, I need the database.  Mediatomb probably could
be removed.  I was playing with it and a new blue-ray player that does UPnP
(the DVD player can access the media on my laptop over the wireless.  Kind
of fun.

No solid-state drive.  T60P Thinkpad laptop.

9.10 seems to have a few problems with this laptop that I didn't have with
9.04.  I'm seeing hard freezes, often on the GDM login screen where I have
to power-cycle.  I've also seen lockup when logged in -- although I'm using
Chrome quite a bit now and I wonder if that might be related.

And an annoying thing that is new with 9.10 is that I often have a keyboard
and mouse plugged into the USB ports and often at GDM screen the mouse works
but not the keyboard. I have to unplug the keyboard and plug it back in and
then most of the time it will work.  Never did that with 9.04.  My laptop is
a few years old so it *might* be hardware, but seems too much of a
coincidence that it changed right after moving to 9.10.

Bill Moseley
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