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Thu Feb 11 15:00:23 UTC 2010

On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 08:18, Amila Liyanaarachchi <amila.uoc at> wrote:
> I tried to setup Kubuntu on a PC where windows7 is already installed.
> I have a 500GB HDD (SATA) with following partitions,
> primary 100MB (NTFS) - windows management
> primary 100GB (NTFS) - windows7 installation

What kind of weird hard drive do you have?  500GB - 100GB - 100GB =
400GB??  I want a couple of those! ;-)

> the rest is unallocated space (~400 GB)
> I wanted to install Kubuntu on new partitions created on the unallocated
> space, but when I'm going through the installation wizard and when I come to
> the create partitions screen it does not show any existing partitions. Even
> the hdd is not shown as unallocated space. I was using a Kubuntu 9.10 CD and
> setup Kubuntu on a dfferent PC with the same CD (so there can't be any
> problem with that)

More info needed here.  What kind of PC?  What kind of storage
controller?  Hardware RAID?

The problem is Kubuntu either has no driver at all for your storage
controller, or the driver does not have support for that particular

One way you could find out would be to boot the live cd, open a
terminal, and use lspci to see if the controller even shows up as a
PCI device.

> Already posted this to Kubuntu mailing list, and I guess there is no much
> difference in this area.

No, functionally there is not.  This problem has nothing to do with
KDE based Ubuntu vs GNOME based Ubuntu... it's a storage controller

I have a feeling your PC is super new, or it's one of those fancy
"Made For Windows 7" PCs that has odd hardware.  My students have had
problems in the past with certain brands of PC and Laptop that are
"Made for Windows $VERSION".



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