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Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Thu Feb 11 13:10:18 UTC 2010

Alvaro Figueiredo wrote:
> Em Quarta 10 Fev 2010, Robert Swanson escreveu:
>> 	I need to know if there is a Linux program to convert PDF to
>> text that preserves the line breaks?
>> 	I am presently using a terminal program called PDFtotext, but it
>> doesn't recognize line breaks which makes it necessary to
>> manually go through and format the text properly.  Because of the
>> number of files that need to be converted at to
>> preserve the documentation from the SCO vs Linux trial amongst
>> other things, it would really be helpful to know if there was a
>> better program.
>> Thanks
>> Bob
> You could try the fold command, from coreutils package, on the 
> converted text files.
>   man fold

	A complex pdf with font changes and pictures can not be 
converted to text that looks good. I have done this with parts 
of a pdf file by just selecting a part of the pdf displayed by 
the linux pdf reader into the portable memory and then copy it 
to a text reader like Gedit. This works fine.

73 Karl


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