linux program to convert PDF to text

Alvaro Figueiredo alvarof at
Thu Feb 11 01:38:28 UTC 2010

Em Quarta 10 Fev 2010, Robert Swanson escreveu:
> 	I need to know if there is a Linux program to convert PDF to
> text that preserves the line breaks?
> 	I am presently using a terminal program called PDFtotext, but it
> doesn't recognize line breaks which makes it necessary to
> manually go through and format the text properly.  Because of the
> number of files that need to be converted at to
> preserve the documentation from the SCO vs Linux trial amongst
> other things, it would really be helpful to know if there was a
> better program.
> Thanks
> Bob

You could try the fold command, from coreutils package, on the 
converted text files.

  man fold

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