linux program to convert PDF to text

Thu Feb 11 01:13:22 UTC 2010

On Wed, 10 Feb 2010, Robert Swanson wrote:

> 	I need to know if there is a Linux program to convert PDF to text that
> preserves the line breaks?
> 	I am presently using a terminal program called PDFtotext, but it doesn't
> recognize line breaks which makes it necessary to manually go through and
> format the text properly.  Because of the number of files that need to be
> converted at to preserve the documentation from the SCO vs Linux
> trial amongst other things, it would really be helpful to know if there was a
> better program.

I was doing a project like this on Windows last December, with some nicely 
formated forms, and I downloaded a slew of programs that claimed to be 
able to do the job, and basically, it was a wash. I had to do it myself.

I have a feeling this problem is in a class with voice recognition and 
OCR.  Claire, the Amtrak robot, is a good employee, but she's not a self 
starter nor an independent worker. In other words, I hate to be the bearer 
of bad tidings..

> Thanks
> Bob
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