Lucid not stable before end of april

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Wed Feb 10 14:14:37 UTC 2010

Tom H wrote:
>> Look. I will not argue words with you. Call it what you want.
>> Every morning I turn on my computer and there is Lucid 10.04
>> sitting there running. I go to a back page and open a terminal
>> and do aptitude update and then upgrade. This morning I got 44
>> upgrades and 1 replacement. The system is working just fine. I
>> get updates, my Lucid gets better. What is wrong with this
>> picture to you?
>> Are you getting updates daily to your Lucid in a virtual
>> machine? Is it getting better or worse?
> Karl, the point that various people have (including a Ubuntu
> developer) is that "stable" has a certain meaning in the development
> cycle of Linux distributions and it does not mean that your particular
> install is stable but that that particular version of the distribution
> is out of its alpha and beta phases and has been released for general,
> non-testing use (which is April 29th for Lucid).
> So, to conform to proper usage, please say that your install of Lucid
> does not crash, does not hang, is running without problems, etc and
> please avoid "stable" so as not to confuse anyone.

	Well I see that the developers have given stable a special 
meaning. I thought I was clear when I defined my stable as 
never crashes now. Some writers seemed to have scary words 
that some day I will get an update that will ruin my updated 
alfa version system. It isn't happening. Why does Ubuntu put 
out the early versions?

	I think it is to get the early version used. It is fun to me. 
And I will try not to sue stable, even though it is...

73 Karl


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